Italian feast…courtesy of Harry and David…and my MOH


My MOH’s wedding present was an amazing gift basket from Harry and David…and so I set about making an Italian feast of sun-dried tomato flatbread and tri-color angel hair with an amazing pasta sauce that I enhanced with turkey meatballs.

It was such an easy basket … It came with high quality evoo which will last me a while.

The mix for flatbread which included yeast and only needed 30 minutes to rise, coupled with the bottled bruschetta topping, made an excellent first course.

The tricolor angel hair claimed it needed 45 seconds to cook… But I ended up cooking it for several minutes. Maybe that’s a crazy thing to do if you’re a die hard Italian , but I’m not 🙂

The bottled sauce was yummy. I didn’t change it at all, just heated meatballs with it.

The most amazing shortbread cookies were provided for dessert … MTT asked me why I never made cookies that good… Now I need to search for a Great vanilla shortbread recipe to compete with Harry and David!

The basket also has a risotto mix … Haven’t made it yet because MTT doesn’t like risotto … But one day when we aren’t newly weds I will make it anyway!






Welcome! I have a tiny kitchen…and not nearly enough time in it. That doesn’t stop me from experimenting with food and feeding My Taste-Tester, henceforth MTT. Luckily, MTT isn’t very picky and constantly reassures me that everything tastes great. Once, early on in our relationship, I asked for some constructive criticism on dinner and he said

” uuh…it would look better if there were more colors on the plate”

Needless to say, from that moment onward I only purchased tri-color pasta and realized that while my flavors may be good my presentation needed work. His roommate noticed the pantry in their apartment gradually grow more robust. One day, the roommate noticed a small jar of ghee and gleefully exclaimed

“now we’re cooking with ghee!”

….Some time has passed since then, and quite a few recipes have been tried. I now make this blog in a continued attempt to get the presentation of my meals to match their taste and to share my hobby of cooking. Welcome to my kitchen!