Fiesta Pork Stew and the best Goya Rice ever


As my new husband MTT and I try to save money for a down payment on a place to live, I find myself more conscious of the prices in the grocery store.

This is strange for me because my usual fascination with the grocery store, other than my love of cooking, is the ability to buy anything in the store. Even if it’s expensive for what it is, you can buy it. Do you *need* an eight dollar bottle of fancy jam? No. But will eight dollars make or break you? Probably not. So, one time, if on a whim you decide to go for it, you can.

That was my philosophy anyway.

Now, I realize that every dollar counts and it all adds up. So the meat I buy may more frequently be the meat on sale.

This week, there was a good deal on pork stew meat. MTT doesn’t love pork, but he loves Mexican flavors. So I decided to cook sliced bell peppers, onions and pork in a flavorful Mexican marinade and served it with a side of rice cooked with Goya Sazon. MTT thinks it’s the best rice he’s ever had


Super Bowl Pork


There are only a few things I like about Super Bowl. One of them is using my slow cooker for pulled pork.

I’m in a very intense board review class 12 hours a day on Saturdays and Sundays and so cooking to bring something to our friend’s Super Bowl party was going to be tricky.

My only option was three ingredient crock pot pulled pork. BBQ sauce + root beer + pork tenderloin in a slow cooker for 8 hours and I was set!

Served with onion brioche buns it was one of the only things about Super Bowl for me!

Flirting with Fresh Direct


In a previous post, I blogged about how much I love the grocery store. However, the options around here aren’t always fresh or affordable. Also, in busy times I try to overshop on one occasion to try to spread out my trips to the store. So, at the recommendation of a colleague I tried Fresh Direct.

Convenient. Reliable. Quick. And a good selection of goods.

I decided to try the pre-seasoned chili marinated pork chops. They were good..a little generic in flavor…but on the whole good…I may not order this exact item again but I will order fresh direct again.

I loved the side of corn though!

MTT is at baseline not a fan of pork, and in general likes things made from scratch at home more…unclear if this is shameless flattery but I have to say it makes me more likely to cook from scratch at home!