Finally…a crust worth writing about

I enjoy making pizza at home. It started with boboli pizza crusts. The ability to tailor toppings and make a quick meal at home that was well received was very enticing.

That lead me to try refrigerated pizza crust. That never worked out as well as I wanted. I could never stretch it out to my desire, and it never got crispy enough for me. In an effort to get a crispier pizza crust I added a pizza stone to my registry.

Before I even got a pizza stone, MTT bought me the long sought-after stand mixer. It came with a recipe for pizza dough which I decided to try today.

Growing up, I was always freaked out by yeast. It seemed gross to me. But the temptation of making pizza from scratch was great and I decided to try it.

The pizza is nothing special to look at. But the crust…oh the crust. Without any gadgets, no pizza stone, baked in a cookie sheet in my oven…I never thought it possible. While eating the pizza I expressed my pleasant surprise so many times that even my usually patient MTT got tired of hearing me say “can you believe this crust!”

But the truth is that it is a crust worth writing about!


I want pizza…no pasta…no both…


When I was a kid, I had a nanny who knew how to make homemade pizza. I thought it was the coolest thing, because if it weren’t for her, the only pizza we’d ever have was PizzaHut. Now, there’s nothing wrong with PizzaHut, especially because they offer a lot of food for not a lot of money and that’s important when you’re a new immigrant family…but let’s just say the home made pizza was a-mazing.

In fact, it was so good that we reserved it like a treat, on select Fridays. One Friday, my brother, who was an adorable child, said to my nanny as she went for a second slice…”auntie, I think you’re getting fat…”. He said this with the goal of snagging that slice of pizza, but oh my…what a way to do it….

Fast forward to my adult life…pizza isn’t just from PizzaHut. I’ve learned that pizza ca. Be gourmet, that there are pizza snobs in the world, and my colleagues and friends all compare their favorite places to get pizza.

So when I first start cooking on a daily basis, of course I decide to try my hand at pizza. MTT quickly remarks that pizza needs to go into the steady rotation…

So, the night before MTT’s big test, I knew I had to work late but I also wanted to have a fun, hearty dinner for him.

Of course, I think pizza.

I am inspired by the fancy options at the local pizzerias…and I think of the penne and vodka sauce I have in hand.

Presto! Penne-a-la-vodka Pizza.

Needless to say, it’s a hit.

Hope carbo-loading is as good for tests as it is for marathons… 😉