Greek Calzones


A few days ago I had made a crock pot lamb stew flavored with rosemary, thyme and other Mediterranean flavors.

Since slow cooked recipes often result in leftovers, I was pondering what to do with my over-tender lamb…since I had a delicious fresh feta and all the ingredients for tzatziki I decided to make a Greek calzone.

I filled pizza dough with my tomato-onion-feta mixture and baked for a half hour. When it came out of the oven I served it hot with tzatziki.

This dish was warm, hearty and filling on a cold winter night. And, I was grateful I found a new flavor spin for my leftovers 🙂


“Keema is my Schtick”


Keema is an Indian dish made of ground meat cooked with tomato, onion, and spices, usually adorned with peas. I love Keema made with ground lamb, so I decided to go for it today.

I am pretty well versed in Indian cuisine, but one day I was rushing to make a breakfast dish called pohe… Truth be told, I’m not familiar with it but it is a favorite of MTT so I decided to give it a go. The perfect storm of bad events swirled together: lack of time, familiarity, and the all important salt made for an absolute mess.

Today, when making keema, I thought a little too much turmeric fell into the pot… I warned MTT that the color may of off but the flavor was still good. He replied “as long as it isn’t like the pohe …”

I indignantly replied “what? No! Keema is my Schtick!”

It turned out great. And, in the end, the color wasn’t even off.

Red meat and smoothies…the Indian way


So there was a “sale” on boneless lamb…in NY that means 10 dollars a pound…but every once in a while it is a nice change of pace…and a good way for me to get some red meat in…(not that one strives to add red meat to their diet or anything 🙂 )

A nice lamb curry served with rice and pita was a robust dinner perfect for a lazy Saturday at home…and a good excuse for MTT to eat the leftover tzatziki from lunch!

A hearty dinner like that just begs for something sweet after…but in line with my attempts to keep it relatively healthy I decided to opt for a fruit-based dessert — mango lassi made with fat free yogurt and Splenda. Satisfying the sweet tooth without refined sugar or butter is as good as we can do tonight 🙂


Rainy Day BBQ

Fall is my favorite season…warm but not hot, nice breezes, beautiful foliage…and, in my opinion, the best time to BBQ.

We had planned for a fun, Friday BBQ and had bought so much to prepare. Of course, charcoal, lighter fluid, matches etc. And the fun foods: burgers (beef for the guests, and some ground lamb for me to make lamb burgers for myself and the more adventurous guests), hot dogs, chicken drumsticks, corn on the cob….

I was so excited.

And then, it rained. Not a light drizzle, or a transient rainfall, but a torrential downpour. So we moved the BBQ to our apartment. Our small, cozy, barely tidy apartment. It was the first time we had guests.

I didn’t take pictures, as we were entertaining…but it is good to know a few things.

First, we actually can have people over to our small apartment and it’s not a total disaster.

Second, you can create a pretty good approximation of a BBQ in the kitchen.

I baked then broiled BBQ chicken drumsticks, I broiled hot dogs and buns, and I made my burgers on a scalding hot frying pan.

The results were amazing…and the upside was I could also make fresh baked coconut cup cakes while everyone was digesting dinner.

And, most importantly, we still got together with our friends.

Chopped Box


I am obsessed with the show chopped, where chefs compete with mystery ingredients in appetizers entree and dessert rounds. After each round a contestant is chopped, leaving one fewer until only a champion remains.
I have been asking MTT to make me a chopped box so I can try my hand at such a game.
He did, in fact, make me a 2 round chopped box.
Round 1 : entree. Lamb chops, broccoli cheddar soup mix, Italian bread, pesto sauce, cheese spread.
I marinated the lamb chops in pesto, made a pesto-cheese spread on bread, and a broccoli cheddar sauce. Photo above. It all went well…so I got to go to round 2.

Round 2: dessert. This box was absurd. Honey-chipotle BBQ sauce, boboli pizza crust, chocolate flavored peanut butter, and plums. Oh and turtle flavor ice cream I freak out. I mix BBQ sauce, peanut butter and light cream to make a spread for the pizza….it’s sweet but with a spicy bite to it bc of the BBQ sauce. I use plums as a pizza topping. I figure I will serve hot pizza w a scoop of cold ice cream. It’s all in the oven when he tells me to close my eyes and prepare for another mystery ingredient. I think, oh well, I will just throw it on the pizza.

I couldn’t throw it on the pizza, seeing as how it was a diamond ring…which I just sort of whimpered at for a few minutes…

Dessert wasn’t very good but I still didn’t get chopped….MTT has signed on for a lot of food experiments and has promised to never chop me…