“Do you even remember how?”


I don’t have time for a cooked breakfast most mornings. Over the years, the number of mornings off that MTT and I share has actually gone down…so, while I used to make weekend omelettes with some frequency, it has been a very long time.

So, this morning when MTT finally asked for something that wasn’t a salad (what’s with his recent salad obsession anyway?) I was thrilled. I immediately said “omelette!”. Being the charmer that he is, MTT‘s first response was “wow! Do you even remember how?”

While onions, tomatoes, bits of bacon and a little chicken simmered on the stove, I beat the eggs. From the couch I heard MTT say, “seems you do remember…smells good”. My man of few words. How I love him.

Anyway, I do remember how to make eggs. And MTT remembers how to make toast 🙂


Bagel Bombs


MTT loves everything bagels with scallion cream cheese. As long as I have known him, that has been his go-to breakfast from our local bagel chains. Living in NY/Long Island, there is no shortage of good bagels and tasty cream cheese.

Imagine my surprise when I ran into the Momofuku everything bagel bomb recipe when perusing other food blogs. I believe my first thought was “this recipe was meant for MTT“. My next thought was “good thing I bought yeast!”

Since I had the day off I decided to try. The lure of making my own scallion cream cheese, dough, and ultimately bagel bomb was high. The perfect little bite combining MTT‘s favorite flavors. Not to mention the bragging rights that come with creating the perfect little bite of flavors.

This endeavor was messy. And, there were moments when I doubted my sanity for attempting this recipe. Especially since I live in the land of the most famous bagels in the world. Especially since I doubted my beloved MTT would even understand why I was so enthusiastic about this perfect creation.

At the end of the day, the bagel bombs turned out great. The flavors were spot on and the mess was worth it. MTT may not have reacted as I had hoped but I am slowly beginning to realize that’s just who he is. And I will reserve my bragging rights for my blog.


“Warm Goodness”


I worked all day today, but while I was working MTT was good enough to go to the grocery store and buy some staples…like milk. As a reward, I decided to make some fresh-baked dessert.

I promptly offered to make graham cracker muffins…a quick and easy breakfast/dessert that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients…not even flour…but it does need some (unexpired) milk 🙂

I whipped up a batch as we watched Olympic track and field heats, marveling at Bolt’s speed learned all about the triple jump…which I have to say is strange the first time you watch it…. “the walking wounded” according to the commentators.

Anyway, by the time the fastest man on earth finished his heats, we were eating muffins. As I turned to MTT and asked him how he liked them, he managed to get out between bites “warm goodness”