Bagel Bombs


MTT loves everything bagels with scallion cream cheese. As long as I have known him, that has been his go-to breakfast from our local bagel chains. Living in NY/Long Island, there is no shortage of good bagels and tasty cream cheese.

Imagine my surprise when I ran into the Momofuku everything bagel bomb recipe when perusing other food blogs. I believe my first thought was “this recipe was meant for MTT“. My next thought was “good thing I bought yeast!”

Since I had the day off I decided to try. The lure of making my own scallion cream cheese, dough, and ultimately bagel bomb was high. The perfect little bite combining MTT‘s favorite flavors. Not to mention the bragging rights that come with creating the perfect little bite of flavors.

This endeavor was messy. And, there were moments when I doubted my sanity for attempting this recipe. Especially since I live in the land of the most famous bagels in the world. Especially since I doubted my beloved MTT would even understand why I was so enthusiastic about this perfect creation.

At the end of the day, the bagel bombs turned out great. The flavors were spot on and the mess was worth it. MTT may not have reacted as I had hoped but I am slowly beginning to realize that’s just who he is. And I will reserve my bragging rights for my blog.



Are we ready for some football??

I actually hate football. I am easily bored by it. And confused by it. But for better or for worse, we watch at least 4-8 hours of football each week.

So, I might as well cook for it. I promised MTT that there would be guacamole for every Jets game.

MTT has been known to eat guac with a spoon. Like cereal.

But, when the Jets are a 1pm game..lithe best thing is to mix lunch with my promise of guacamole. I tried my hand at nachos. Sautéed ground lamb, topped with cheese, tomatoes, guacamole and sour cream, served with tortilla chips.

The result was very good. But we have to shop around for less salty tortilla chips!


I only meant to eat one…but…


I recently acquired a mandolin slicer and am obsessed! And by obsessed, I mean I talked incessantly about it, and proudly showed it to MTT, who didn’t get it at all, of course, until I said “pakoda” (pronounced pakora). A tasty Indian fritter made of various vegetables fried in a graham flour batter, these treats remind me of parties my mom used to throw growing up because she would usually fry these fresh for her guests.

You can make pakodas out of potatoes, onions, chilis, eggplant, cauliflower…lots of options exist.

Today I tried slicing potatoes in my new mandolin slicer and I was very pleased with the results. So of course, I made pakodas. I was nervous because I didn’t have the traditional kadhai (wok) to fry in but the result was surprisingly…appropriate. Reminiscent of the fritters I used to eat when I was a kid, even. MTT and I took turns dunking the golden fried disks in cold ketchup while watching tv…and before we knew it, they were all gone. Oops! I had only meant to eat one…