“Do you even remember how?”


I don’t have time for a cooked breakfast most mornings. Over the years, the number of mornings off that MTT and I share has actually gone down…so, while I used to make weekend omelettes with some frequency, it has been a very long time.

So, this morning when MTT finally asked for something that wasn’t a salad (what’s with his recent salad obsession anyway?) I was thrilled. I immediately said “omelette!”. Being the charmer that he is, MTT‘s first response was “wow! Do you even remember how?”

While onions, tomatoes, bits of bacon and a little chicken simmered on the stove, I beat the eggs. From the couch I heard MTT say, “seems you do remember…smells good”. My man of few words. How I love him.

Anyway, I do remember how to make eggs. And MTT remembers how to make toast 🙂


“Honey, I’m home!”


My grandmother only went to school through the third grade…then she learned how to manage a household. And, in that very traditional, Indian way, my grandparents made a life together. But their life saw many changes…drastic changes…both in the community and at home. Their eldest child, a daughter, went to medical school. She became a doctor. Then she became a wife and ultimately my mother. That’s a lot of growth in the span of a generation.

My mother was always a working mom. But, somehow she managed to keep many of her traditional roles. One of which was always making sure there was something to eat at home. My mom would call me from the hospital when I came home from school to tell me what snacks were prepared. I always had dinner and instructions on how to heat it. And, in a lot of ways, that’s how my mom showed she was still taking care of me the way her mother took care of her. (checking homework was strictly the jurisdiction of my dad. My mom did not get involved with it after she taught me 7×7=47)

With that background, I forged forward with my life. I always wanted to be a doctor and that’s what I became. But now I realize what my mother must have dealt with. I love my job. And I believe it’s way more than a job. But sometimes I have such a similar urge to my mom, to have snacks and meals ready at home, waiting, to show how much I care about life at home.

So, on the occasions when I’m home first, and I have time to keep things ready, I get so excited. I love having a meal ready and waiting for MTT. So, today while he was working and I was off, I asked him what he’d want for a late lunch. He wanted an easy to prepare salad…and it’s not the difficulty of what I’m making so much as the fact that I’m making it…so a simple southwest flavored chicken salad with avocados, cherry tomatoes, bacon bits and tortilla strips with a side of corn bread may not be a “I slaved all day in the kitchen” kind of meal…but that it’s here waiting for MTT gives me immense joy. Plus, he likes all things southwest. The shredded cheese in it can’t hurt either 😉

Valentine’s Day Dinner at Home


MTT loves loves loves chicken tikka masala. So of course for Valentine‘s Day I try my hand at a homemade, slightly healthier version. I couldn’t bring myself to use heavy cream. I just couldn’t. I love MTT too much to give him heart disease. So, I used skim milk and yogurt. The result was a very good approximation to restaurant quality CTM…just a little less sweet and a little more tangy. Also, I added a tossed salad of romaine and baby spinach with low fat goat cheese, walnuts and cranberries with balsamic vinegrette. The dinner was a delight…just like MTT

Opa! Cupcakes worth breaking dishes for


After mixing a small batch of cupcakes adapted from The Dollhouse Bakeshoppe, I grazed a plate on my dish rack with the filled muffin tin… Of course my Corning shattered all over my kitchen floor. Which, in my tiny apartment, means my kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom floors…leaving me with 3 plates. And no one has bought the dishes on my wedding registry yet! (There’s still a few months left for that 🙂 )

But anyway, the cupcakes were moist, with a hint of coffee flavor, sweet but not too sweet…over all, worth the broken dish. Opa! ( yes, for the duration of this post, I am channeling the Greek)

See one… Do one…


There is a saying in the field of medicine… “See one, do one, teach one…”

Last week in clinic, one of my co-residents brought a chicken drumstick for lunch. The comedy was in the fact she left the bone in the Tupperware on our conference table all afternoon. And no one else moved it until someone came in to take photos for our hospital’s website… My friend promptly exclaimed “Move the chicken bone!”

Even with that, I sat by a fragrant chicken bone for the better part of the afternoon and since then I’d been craving chicken drumsticks …

I finally caved in and made them myself at home. “See one…do one” 🙂

With a side of onion rings for MTT as seen in the photograph 🙂

Who knows who will inspire the next meal…or who will be inspired by my chicken leg!

Super Bowl Pork


There are only a few things I like about Super Bowl. One of them is using my slow cooker for pulled pork.

I’m in a very intense board review class 12 hours a day on Saturdays and Sundays and so cooking to bring something to our friend’s Super Bowl party was going to be tricky.

My only option was three ingredient crock pot pulled pork. BBQ sauce + root beer + pork tenderloin in a slow cooker for 8 hours and I was set!

Served with onion brioche buns it was one of the only things about Super Bowl for me!