“Keema is my Schtick”


Keema is an Indian dish made of ground meat cooked with tomato, onion, and spices, usually adorned with peas. I love Keema made with ground lamb, so I decided to go for it today.

I am pretty well versed in Indian cuisine, but one day I was rushing to make a breakfast dish called pohe… Truth be told, I’m not familiar with it but it is a favorite of MTT so I decided to give it a go. The perfect storm of bad events swirled together: lack of time, familiarity, and the all important salt made for an absolute mess.

Today, when making keema, I thought a little too much turmeric fell into the pot… I warned MTT that the color may of off but the flavor was still good. He replied “as long as it isn’t like the pohe …”

I indignantly replied “what? No! Keema is my Schtick!”

It turned out great. And, in the end, the color wasn’t even off.


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