“F- it, just throw the thing out”


For my birthday, one of my bffs got me a Wilton cookie press. And, while MTT is not a picky eater and is usually easy to please, he doesn’t have the biggest sweet tooth. One of the few desserts he enjoys is cookies. So I thought that the cookie press would be a way to make a fun dessert that MTT would like.

Oh my god, it wasn’t worth the aggravation.

First, I couldn’t make the cookie press work. The box is..shall we say…succinct in its guidance. “One click is one cookie!” it promises. Not exactly. It took MTT and me about 15 minutes to figure out how to make the clicked cookie detach itself from the cookie press and attach itself to my cookie sheet.

Finally, when that ordeal was overcome, we couldn’t disassemble it for cleaning purposes. The shaft of the cookie press wouldn’t come unscrewed from the handle! Now, it’s impossible to clean. MTT said “F-it, just throw it away!”

The cookies themselves are ok…light and airy with a very subtle flavor. Didn’t exactly satisfy my dessert craving…and didn’t justify the effort in my opinion. Maybe I just need to get more experienced with the cookie press…maybe I just need to stick to my other cookie recipes.


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