Dinner by MTT


I was on call on Friday, and scheduled to get home late. Usually on days like that, we order in or eat leftovers. Imagine my surprise when I text MTT to tell him I will be coming home soon and he replies “ok I’m cooking”. In my head I think this means he is reheating the porkchops and stuffing I had pre-prepared or he was making a phone call for delivery.

However, when I walk up the stairs to our apartment, I can smell something fragrant from the hallway that instantly tells me that porkchops are not for dinner.

I walk in and there is indeed reheated stuffing, but also something cooking on the stove.

MTT will not tell me how he made the orange sauce for the chicken, or what flavor profile he was going for. The result was a semi-Indian flavored chicken curry that I can only call “Chicken Tikka Light”….similar flavors, less creamy/heavy, and just a little bit different in a way you can’t put your finger on.

The other thing I can’t put my finger on is how he made it. MTT is not known for his cooking skills, and his forays into the kitchen are few and far between. And although he claims anything I would make is better than what he would make, the fact that he tries, that he goes into the kitchen to cook for us at all, warms my heart. And sometimes burns it too. Can we say heartburn? 🙂


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