And…I am back. New year new recipes!


It has been a while!

But, it’s a new year, and now we are 3 months away from the wedding.

Time for new, healthy recipes!

For Christmas, MTT bought me a KitchenAid stand mixer! Now, this is something I’ve wanted for a looong time. I mean, I have even previously wanted to get married just to register just to get a stand mixer.

So, I decided for a light, Saturday lunch, why not Chicken Souvlaki pitas with home-made, fat-free tzatziki that used my stand mixer??

I warmed up pitas in the oven while I grilled chicken breast tenderloins marinated in some red wine vinegar, Mediterranean spices and lemon juice. Meanwhile, I made a tomato-olive-feta-onion salad. The tzatziki was made by using the whip attachment on my stand mixer to mix up diced cucumber, fat free Greek yogurt, dill, oregano and garlic.

I served a warm pita dressed with tzatziki and the tomato salad, topped with grilled chicken.

This meal was a little prep-heavy…but the joy of using my new stand mixer made it all worth while…that, and the response when I served MTT. He loves tzatziki so much that I was nervous to make a healthy version for fear it would not live up to the condiment he so fondly and often craves…luckily he enjoyed it!

He enjoyed it so much, that he said he’d even eat it on a Tuesday without the chicken ( I don’t cook or eat meat on Tuesday for religious reasons). Coming from my carnivorous MTT, that is truly praise!



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