Inspired by Wordpress…Slow Cooked Honey Sesame Chicken


On one of the blogs I follow, I came across this recipe….it instantly caught my eye because I love Chinese food and I love my sow cooker.

I decided to try my hand at it today…with some modifications to allow for the ingredients I had on hand. I also liked the idea of something sweet and spicy so about an hour into the cook time I added brown sugar, cayenne pepper, and crushed red pepper flakes. I may have overdone it a little bit on the brown sugar but the result was pretty delightful.

I felt a little guilty making this because MTT isn’t a huge fan of Chinese food but he managed to eat enough of it to fill his belly 🙂 Also, I told myself if I make this today, I will make one of his favorites, enchiladas, tomorrow 😉


Greek Calzones


A few days ago I had made a crock pot lamb stew flavored with rosemary, thyme and other Mediterranean flavors.

Since slow cooked recipes often result in leftovers, I was pondering what to do with my over-tender lamb…since I had a delicious fresh feta and all the ingredients for tzatziki I decided to make a Greek calzone.

I filled pizza dough with my tomato-onion-feta mixture and baked for a half hour. When it came out of the oven I served it hot with tzatziki.

This dish was warm, hearty and filling on a cold winter night. And, I was grateful I found a new flavor spin for my leftovers 🙂

The Colonel Ain’t Got Nothin’ on Me


After an epic fail this afternoon with cheese balls, (Dill Overdone), we needed a sure-fire win for dinner.

Boneless chicken thighs are always a hit…that, coupled with a little spicy yogurt marinade, followed by a drench in breadcrumbs, can only lead to sheer magic in my oven.

Granted, this concoction isn’t as crunchy as fried chicken. But, it is a whole lot healthier. And the fact that the chicken has a little kick to it more than makes up for the fact that it isn’t fried.

I served this to MTT with sour cream smashed potatoes. His only request was next time to have some gravy also.

All-in-all, I’m very satisfied with how this meal turned out.

My next dilemma is what to do with 2 small leftover pieces…I will attempt to repurpose them…much like a recent episode of “chopped” where all the box ingredients are leftovers 🙂

Dill Overdone


On a lazy Sunday I was webbrowsing and came across a recipe for baked cheese balls. The recipe calls for any semi-hard cheese and I mistakingly thought that cheddar would qualify. MTT loves cheddar and I had some in the fridge. The recipe called for seasoning with dill… MTT loves dill and I had some fresh dill in the fridge. It’s always such a challenge to use fresh herbs before they go bad so I jumped at the chance to make this recipe.

I never stopped to think how the dill would taste with the cheddar. Usually it’s a great combination in breads and scones. Somehow today it didn’t taste right.

I also never stopped to read the comments on the recipe. If I had, I would have known that cheddar would melt in the oven on this recipe. I realized this 10 min into baking time and ran to the oven and turned down the temperature and then ultimately just took them out of the oven.

They were soft but held their shape. But the taste was off. Maybe I used too much dill. Maybe the cheddar balls just didn’t have enough balance. Maybe next time I will wrap the balls in dough.

For now, this will be filed as a misadventure.

“Keema is my Schtick”


Keema is an Indian dish made of ground meat cooked with tomato, onion, and spices, usually adorned with peas. I love Keema made with ground lamb, so I decided to go for it today.

I am pretty well versed in Indian cuisine, but one day I was rushing to make a breakfast dish called pohe… Truth be told, I’m not familiar with it but it is a favorite of MTT so I decided to give it a go. The perfect storm of bad events swirled together: lack of time, familiarity, and the all important salt made for an absolute mess.

Today, when making keema, I thought a little too much turmeric fell into the pot… I warned MTT that the color may of off but the flavor was still good. He replied “as long as it isn’t like the pohe …”

I indignantly replied “what? No! Keema is my Schtick!”

It turned out great. And, in the end, the color wasn’t even off.

“F- it, just throw the thing out”


For my birthday, one of my bffs got me a Wilton cookie press. And, while MTT is not a picky eater and is usually easy to please, he doesn’t have the biggest sweet tooth. One of the few desserts he enjoys is cookies. So I thought that the cookie press would be a way to make a fun dessert that MTT would like.

Oh my god, it wasn’t worth the aggravation.

First, I couldn’t make the cookie press work. The box is..shall we say…succinct in its guidance. “One click is one cookie!” it promises. Not exactly. It took MTT and me about 15 minutes to figure out how to make the clicked cookie detach itself from the cookie press and attach itself to my cookie sheet.

Finally, when that ordeal was overcome, we couldn’t disassemble it for cleaning purposes. The shaft of the cookie press wouldn’t come unscrewed from the handle! Now, it’s impossible to clean. MTT said “F-it, just throw it away!”

The cookies themselves are ok…light and airy with a very subtle flavor. Didn’t exactly satisfy my dessert craving…and didn’t justify the effort in my opinion. Maybe I just need to get more experienced with the cookie press…maybe I just need to stick to my other cookie recipes.

Bagel Bombs


MTT loves everything bagels with scallion cream cheese. As long as I have known him, that has been his go-to breakfast from our local bagel chains. Living in NY/Long Island, there is no shortage of good bagels and tasty cream cheese.

Imagine my surprise when I ran into the Momofuku everything bagel bomb recipe when perusing other food blogs. I believe my first thought was “this recipe was meant for MTT“. My next thought was “good thing I bought yeast!”

Since I had the day off I decided to try. The lure of making my own scallion cream cheese, dough, and ultimately bagel bomb was high. The perfect little bite combining MTT‘s favorite flavors. Not to mention the bragging rights that come with creating the perfect little bite of flavors.

This endeavor was messy. And, there were moments when I doubted my sanity for attempting this recipe. Especially since I live in the land of the most famous bagels in the world. Especially since I doubted my beloved MTT would even understand why I was so enthusiastic about this perfect creation.

At the end of the day, the bagel bombs turned out great. The flavors were spot on and the mess was worth it. MTT may not have reacted as I had hoped but I am slowly beginning to realize that’s just who he is. And I will reserve my bragging rights for my blog.


Dinner by MTT


I was on call on Friday, and scheduled to get home late. Usually on days like that, we order in or eat leftovers. Imagine my surprise when I text MTT to tell him I will be coming home soon and he replies “ok I’m cooking”. In my head I think this means he is reheating the porkchops and stuffing I had pre-prepared or he was making a phone call for delivery.

However, when I walk up the stairs to our apartment, I can smell something fragrant from the hallway that instantly tells me that porkchops are not for dinner.

I walk in and there is indeed reheated stuffing, but also something cooking on the stove.

MTT will not tell me how he made the orange sauce for the chicken, or what flavor profile he was going for. The result was a semi-Indian flavored chicken curry that I can only call “Chicken Tikka Light”….similar flavors, less creamy/heavy, and just a little bit different in a way you can’t put your finger on.

The other thing I can’t put my finger on is how he made it. MTT is not known for his cooking skills, and his forays into the kitchen are few and far between. And although he claims anything I would make is better than what he would make, the fact that he tries, that he goes into the kitchen to cook for us at all, warms my heart. And sometimes burns it too. Can we say heartburn? 🙂

Finally…a crust worth writing about

I enjoy making pizza at home. It started with boboli pizza crusts. The ability to tailor toppings and make a quick meal at home that was well received was very enticing.

That lead me to try refrigerated pizza crust. That never worked out as well as I wanted. I could never stretch it out to my desire, and it never got crispy enough for me. In an effort to get a crispier pizza crust I added a pizza stone to my registry.

Before I even got a pizza stone, MTT bought me the long sought-after stand mixer. It came with a recipe for pizza dough which I decided to try today.

Growing up, I was always freaked out by yeast. It seemed gross to me. But the temptation of making pizza from scratch was great and I decided to try it.

The pizza is nothing special to look at. But the crust…oh the crust. Without any gadgets, no pizza stone, baked in a cookie sheet in my oven…I never thought it possible. While eating the pizza I expressed my pleasant surprise so many times that even my usually patient MTT got tired of hearing me say “can you believe this crust!”

But the truth is that it is a crust worth writing about!

Red meat and smoothies…the Indian way


So there was a “sale” on boneless lamb…in NY that means 10 dollars a pound…but every once in a while it is a nice change of pace…and a good way for me to get some red meat in…(not that one strives to add red meat to their diet or anything 🙂 )

A nice lamb curry served with rice and pita was a robust dinner perfect for a lazy Saturday at home…and a good excuse for MTT to eat the leftover tzatziki from lunch!

A hearty dinner like that just begs for something sweet after…but in line with my attempts to keep it relatively healthy I decided to opt for a fruit-based dessert — mango lassi made with fat free yogurt and Splenda. Satisfying the sweet tooth without refined sugar or butter is as good as we can do tonight 🙂