Flirting with Fresh Direct


In a previous post, I blogged about how much I love the grocery store. However, the options around here aren’t always fresh or affordable. Also, in busy times I try to overshop on one occasion to try to spread out my trips to the store. So, at the recommendation of a colleague I tried Fresh Direct.

Convenient. Reliable. Quick. And a good selection of goods.

I decided to try the pre-seasoned chili marinated pork chops. They were good..a little generic in flavor…but on the whole good…I may not order this exact item again but I will order fresh direct again.

I loved the side of corn though!

MTT is at baseline not a fan of pork, and in general likes things made from scratch at home more…unclear if this is shameless flattery but I have to say it makes me more likely to cook from scratch at home!


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