Italian Medley


It has been a while….between the recent engagement and busy schedule things have been hectic….but today I got out of work on time and MTT was out at an interview until late so I knew I had some time to make up for lost cooking time…

I had no idea what to do….so I decided to make a little of everything. I love crab cakes…so why not try those? Some of the mix for crab cake can be used to stuff mushrooms…so why not one or two of those? And when the grocery store has opened clams…well why not use some of those breadcrumbs to make baked clams?

So clearly the side dishes were the star of this meal…and the baked garlic spiced chicken with tomato basil sauce on the side was really just…to fill the belly after a bunch of tasty appetizers made into side dishes…

It’s like when you go to a wedding and the best part is cocktail hour…why not do that at home once in a while?


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