Chopped Box


I am obsessed with the show chopped, where chefs compete with mystery ingredients in appetizers entree and dessert rounds. After each round a contestant is chopped, leaving one fewer until only a champion remains.
I have been asking MTT to make me a chopped box so I can try my hand at such a game.
He did, in fact, make me a 2 round chopped box.
Round 1 : entree. Lamb chops, broccoli cheddar soup mix, Italian bread, pesto sauce, cheese spread.
I marinated the lamb chops in pesto, made a pesto-cheese spread on bread, and a broccoli cheddar sauce. Photo above. It all went well…so I got to go to round 2.

Round 2: dessert. This box was absurd. Honey-chipotle BBQ sauce, boboli pizza crust, chocolate flavored peanut butter, and plums. Oh and turtle flavor ice cream I freak out. I mix BBQ sauce, peanut butter and light cream to make a spread for the pizza….it’s sweet but with a spicy bite to it bc of the BBQ sauce. I use plums as a pizza topping. I figure I will serve hot pizza w a scoop of cold ice cream. It’s all in the oven when he tells me to close my eyes and prepare for another mystery ingredient. I think, oh well, I will just throw it on the pizza.

I couldn’t throw it on the pizza, seeing as how it was a diamond ring…which I just sort of whimpered at for a few minutes…

Dessert wasn’t very good but I still didn’t get chopped….MTT has signed on for a lot of food experiments and has promised to never chop me…



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