Still tweaking….not quite right yet


Palak paneer….spinach paneer…that Indian dish in restaurants with that creamy spinach and fried cheese….for me it is the one who got away.

My first attempt to make palak paneer was when MTT lived with his roommates with limited kitchen supplies….I tried to blend the spinach with a hand mixer I brought from my house. The result was less than ideal, but MTT was kind enough to say “it’s just the texture that’s off…the flavor is there”

I now have both a food processor and a blender in our small but stocked kitchen; so, today I decided to try again.

The result: again the flavor is there, but the texture is problematic. Much improved from the first try, but I maybe put too much water in (which now seems to be separating slightly). Also, I will probably never have restaurant texture creaminess as I won’t ever add that much heavy cream to a weeknight meal….

But, for the corners I cut in the name of calories and considering it’s only my second try, the results aren’t bad. But I still think I will keep working on this recipe a little more….


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