“Warm Goodness”


I worked all day today, but while I was working MTT was good enough to go to the grocery store and buy some staples…like milk. As a reward, I decided to make some fresh-baked dessert.

I promptly offered to make graham cracker muffins…a quick and easy breakfast/dessert that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients…not even flour…but it does need some (unexpired) milk 🙂

I whipped up a batch as we watched Olympic track and field heats, marveling at Bolt’s speed learned all about the triple jump…which I have to say is strange the first time you watch it…. “the walking wounded” according to the commentators.

Anyway, by the time the fastest man on earth finished his heats, we were eating muffins. As I turned to MTT and asked him how he liked them, he managed to get out between bites “warm goodness”



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