Not a side dish…not a dessert…


There are very few occasions in life I wish I had a dog…or other pet that could consume the occasional debacle to come out of my kitchen…

Today I really wanted to purée something. I had settled on cauliflower…then I realized that the head of cauliflower perhaps had outstayed its welcome in my fridge and would be better suited for the trash can.

I then realized I had barely any fresh veggies at my disposal…but a nice bag of baby carrots called out to me. I did a quick internet search and realized that people do in fact purée carrots. I dutifully boiled my carrots in seasoned water. This, in retrospect, may have been my downfall. At the suggestion of a MasterChef website recipe I added some vinegar to the water….the result was an oddly tangy flavor to the carrots that I hoped would just…disappear as the cooking process continued….

When it came time to purée, I pulled out my blender because I have no faith in my tiny, weak food processor that vaguely starts to smell of burning when I keep it on too long. However, as MTT was quick to say “why aren’t you using the food processor? That’s what it’s for. To process foods”.

I hate to admit it, but he was right. The carrots at the bottom of the blender were puréed alright, but the ones on the top stayed in their boiled cylindrical glory. I then broke out the food processor and added some sour cream and tasted. Still some weird twang…either the vinegar was holding tight or the carrots were just plain bad to begin with. I added some sugar to counteract the vinegar. I thrust a spoon into MTT’s mouth and he asked what the goal was…I meekly remarked “side-dish?”

Clearly that wasn’t gonna fly. So I tried to salvage the labor-intensive purée and make a custard. I mixed my purée with eggs, sugar, vanilla extract and some other things and baked. This time when I forced a spoon into MTT’s mouth, he said “Now it tastes like a side-dish!”.


We both decided that the taste just wasn’t there and we’d just have to count this as a loss and feed the garbage can. But not until after I took a picture for this post 😉


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