Not my mama’s Mac and Cheese


My family spent last Thanksgiving at the home of one of my mom’s friends. My mother pondered for days what side dish to bring. She finally settled on Mac and Cheese…done right. Not out of a Kraft box. The problem with this is that my family had never made Mac and Cheese any other way.

As a kid, I always loved the blue Kraft boxes of macaroni and cheese…and I loved mixing milk with neon orange powder to make “cheese”. My particular fascination was how the cheese could be as lumpy or as smooth as I wanted it to be–depending on how much I stirred, of course.

Anyway, my mom decided to boil macaroni and mix it with a variety of gourmet cheeses and then bake the mixture. The result was tasty, but I have to admit a bit dry. I prefer Mac and Cheese to be a creamy, gooey mixture of richness.

So, a week later, I decided to experiment for MTT. I did a little research on the Internet, and ultimately just decided to mix a tip from this recipe with a hint from that recipe and just see what happens.

The result: a combination of pasta, cheeses, creaminess, and chicken. Yes, that’s right, I added chicken to Mac and Cheese…partly because MTT loves chicken and partly because I figured if I added chicken it would be more of an entree than a side.

MTT proclaimed that it was the best thing he’s ever eaten.

While I think that must be an exaggeration, I take pride in my Mac and Cheese and love that it’s easy to make and is sure to please. Especially great is that I can spend 20 minutes assembling it and then refrigerate it to be baked at any time. Even MTT can bake it himself if I’m not around. And trust me, that’s an asset because he’s not that great in the kitchen 🙂


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